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Tattoo Titan Frank LaNatra Partners w/ Award-winning Animation Studio to Release NFT Art Collection

MIAMI, FL – March 11, 2022Food Fight Studios, a team of Emmy® award winning, nominated, and multiple award-winning creators, today announced the partnership with famed tattoo artist Frank La Natra and his wife, Christa La Natra, in releasing an exclusive collection of 5,000 non fungible tokens (NFTs) called “The Battle Bunnies.” Only available to members of their Discord community which can be found on The Battle Bunnies” website. A genesis drop of 300 NFTs will be released on March 26, 2022 and a 5,000 (GEN1) collection to follow later this Spring. This imaginative collection will be housed on the Ethereum blockchain, with proof of ownership as an ERC-721 token.

These first-of-their-kind, hand-drawn illustrations are the brainchild of Frank La Natra, a Florida-based tattoo artist with over 100 industry award achievements and 24 years of experience as a professional artist. “The Battle Bunnies'' collection consists of a genesis drop, limited to only 300, and another 5,000 GEN1 pieces categorized into six classes of bunnies with over 400 unique traits. They represent the Vikings, Valkyries, Sorcerers, Shamans, Pirates, and Spartans, inhabitants of the lost continent of Carkayous, and protectors of the mystical water source, Imagunük Falls. The exact class and trait of each bunny are randomly generated and revealed shortly after the minting process. The entire collection is built with class and trait rarities, setting the table for future gaming options.

This drop is Phase 1 of a larger planned universe that will include an animated series. Creative development on the first episode “The Elite Guard” is currently in production with the second, “Six Warring Clans” to follow. The partnership will be supporting efforts to evolve the universe of ‘The Battle Bunnies’ beyond art and into a fully-realized narrative. Noteworthy to the collection, and as part of the engineering of the advanced technological component of NFT ownership, collectors will be granted a level of creative engagement, including the development of their Bunny backstories and other elements incorporated into the expanding universe, allowing the individual an opportunity to take part in the creative process and be part of The Battle Bunnies history, unseen in other NFT drops.

“NFTs represent a new beginning for the animation industry and opens up endless possibilities for creators to retain control of their work and their fans to participate in the process.” said Jon Briggs, Founder & CEO of Food Fight Studios and Emmy® award-winning producer. “This is a partnership of purpose for us as creators, one my team and I are ready to bring to life and with the support of the NFT community embracing ‘The Battle Bunnies.’”

“I’ve been granted the privilege of creating my visions for tattoo fans around the world for many years,” said Frank La Natra, owner of Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery, as well as La Natra Art Studios. “It’s been a long-held dream to go to the next phase of my artistic abilities in creating characters in the digital space, let alone this new frontier of blockchains. This partnership with Jon and his team, along with the talents and contributions of my wife, Christa, represent a new chapter in our artistic journey while building on a creator economy that has endless and exciting possibilities.”

The collection will be made available first to members of “The Battle Bunnies” Discord, followed by a possible public release on website. Purchase of an NFT allows members of a closed group access to exclusive utilities and benefits tailored to the community, as well as a portion of the funds being pledged to One Tree Planted.

For more information about “The Battle Bunnies” and specifics on the release date, as well as future announcements, please visit


About Frank & Christa La Natra

Frank La Natra is a renowned, award-winning tattoo artist based in Pompano Beach, Florida. He is the founder and owner of Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery, as well as La Natra Art Studios where he does freelance work as an illustrator and character designer. Frank enjoys working in various mediums and substrates, primarily tattooing and digital.

Originally born in Brooklyn, NY, Frank La Natra began his artistic endeavors as a talented bass player, soon after being drawn to the world of tattooing and animation. He would formalize his pursuits as a professional artist by attending the School of Visual Arts and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Illustration. He is currently in the works on his first-ever NFT drop, “The Battle Bunnies,” expanding his love for art into the new frontier of crypto.

Frank La Natra currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Christa, an accomplished artist in her own right, as well as playing video games and enjoying the Star Wars franchise with his two dogs Han Solo and Honey.

Christa Z. La Natra is an accomplished visual and tattoo artist specializing in photo and figurative realism. She is a lead tattoo artist at Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery in Pompano Beach, Florida, co-owned by her husband and creative collaborator Frank La Natra. In addition to tattooing, she enjoys working in the medium of oil and watercolor paint to bring her visions to life.

Having been inspired to draw and study color at a young age, Christa Z. La Natra sought formal education from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she would graduate in June 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Illustration. Her work has been exhibited and written about and has allowed her to attend events, including TattooLaPalooza in Miami, which she helped organize. She enjoys drawing inspiration from her experiences and networks, including her tattoo clients, friends, and fellow artists.

Christa Z. La Natra currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida. When she is not in the studio, Christa enjoys watching movies, playing with her dogs and visiting the theme parks in Orlando.

About Food Fight Studios

Food Fight Studios is an animation and creative studio specializing in unconventional content production. Started in 2016 by animation industry outsiders, the team now has multiple awards and recognitions, including two Emmy® Nominations and one Emmy®-Award win. From short-form content to documentaries, music videos, concerts, series development, and more of their work has been seen on an abundance of media platforms including Spotify, BET, Prime Video, MTV, iHeartRadio, and The Apollo Theater.

For more information or to get connected with the team, visit


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