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The Battle Bunnies | Spartans Background
The Battle Bunnies | Spartan

The Spartans, a deadly and elite fighting force, loyal to Imaginük Falls and King Hareld are sworn to protect and uphold the lands from all who would do it harm.

The Battle Bunnies | Spartan



The Battle Bunnies | The Epic Battle Spartan Shield


It was the 5th Day of March...the year two-thousand-twenty-two. Ferchett's Island West was becoming quite populated as the release of the Genesis-300 Spartan class drew near. On high-alert, the Spartans were in their den on The Battle Bunnies discord sharpening their swords and polishing their shields & helmets.

At 1100 (eastern standard time), a sudden attack ensued from the Pirates, forever sworn enemies! The battle raged in the main-chat of the discord server for several minutes while Spartans were encountering heavy cannon fire from the dreaded Queen Hare's Revenge.

All Spartans present were targeted and subsequently blacked out in this epic first battle amongst the factions. This moment would be etched into The Grimoire and forever be known as "THE EPIC BATTLE".

A specialized shield was forged with all Spartans lost on that day...and while the Pirates claimed victory, the community voiced a different opinion. The tale of The Epic Battle has many iterations today and are frequently retold around campfires and during a round of carrot-mead at the local pubs.

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