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  • Presale is limited to 46 out of the 96 eggs available in this wave.

  • Presale price is 10% off from the regular price ($200 ... discounted from $222).

  • Each holder is eligible to purchase up to TWO tainted Forest of Delirium Dragon Eggs as part of this presale.

  • After completing the following form, you will receive an email with a Purchase Link.

  • Confirmed purchases will have their unrevealed tokens randomized and airdropped after the presale.

  • All purchases will include the limited edition collector card for the Forest of Delirium set.

  • Be sure to indicate whether you wish to purchase 1 or 2 as part of the presale.

Which collection(s) do you currently hold? (check all that apply)
How Many Eggs Do You Want in the Presale?

You're all set!
An email will be sent shortly containing with the direct Purchase Link.
Stay tuned to The Battle Bunnies Discord for further details!


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