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Join the Adventure: Invest in The Battle Bunnies

Embark on an unprecedented journey with The Battle Bunnies - a world where fantasy meets reality, and every supporter is a cornerstone of our community. At Junk Box Studio Partners, we're pioneering the future of IP development, blending artistry with community-driven progress across digital and physical realms.

Why Invest?

  • Pioneering Innovation: Dive into a universe where your investment brings creativity and community co-creation to life.

  • Expansive Market Reach: Tap into the booming $6.6B market, engaging TCG enthusiasts, fantasy readers, and NFT collectors​​.

  • Community at the Core: Be part of a franchise where every character, every card, and every plot twist is fueled by collective imagination​​.


Your Role in Our Story Your support doesn't just fuel growth; it weaves you into the very fabric of The Battle Bunnies' expanding universe. Together, we're not just creating a game or a story - we're building a legacy that transcends the digital and physical realms.

Ready to Make History? Leave us your email. Be the first to know how you can invest in a franchise destined for legendary status. Because with The Battle Bunnies, every investment is a step towards a shared dream of innovation, engagement, and unparalleled adventure.

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