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The Battle Bunnies | Team
The Battle Bunnies | Frank & Christa LaNatra


Husband and wife artist team, Frank and Christa La Natra bring you The Battle Bunnies.

Frank is a renowned artist, character designer, and has been celebrated in the tattoo industry for both his unique style and skills. He has won 100+ awards for his tattoos across the world. Frank’s style of art transforms new school into an animated world with realistic lighting, vibrant backgrounds, and a dynamic perspective.

Christa specializes in photo-realism, but is well-versed in most styles of art and has a degree in animation. She enjoys digital painting and the color theory behind all works of art.

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The Battle Bunnies | Food Fight Studios

Food Fight Studios is an animation and creative studio specializing in unconventional content production. Started in 2016 by animation industry outsiders, the team, led by Jon Briggs, now has multiple awards and recognitions, including two Emmy® Nominations and one Emmy®-Award win.
From short-form content to documentaries, music videos, concerts, series development, and more of their work has been seen on an abundance of media platforms including Spotify, BET, Prime Video, MTV, iHeartRadio, and The Apollo Theater.

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The Battle Bunnies | Jon Briggs - Owner Food Fight Studios
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