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Spartan Genesis 300 - The Inaugural Set

The Battle Bunnies | Genesis 300 OpenSea NFT Collection
The Battle Bunnies | Genesis 300 NFT Collection Movie Poster
The Battle Bunnies | Spartan
The Battle Bunnies | Spartan

The sought-after Genesis 300 series was launched on March 26th 2022 and sold out shortly after. The set comprises the first physical and digital trading cards issued for Battle Bunnies. Only 300 total were created, depicting the original band of Spartan warriors.

These stunning cards capture the valiant bunnies who fought on the frontlines to defend King Hareld’s kingdom. Each features one-of-a-kind art across over 175 trait combinations, with the rarest being the 7 King Leonidas and 21 Supreme Commanders donning full matching armor.

This collectible set pairs rare physical trading cards with digital NFTs to certify their authenticity. Together, they showcase beautifully envisioned characters that epitomize the founding Genesis Spartans of Battle Bunnies lore.

The tangible signed and sealed cards are creative showpieces in their own right - lovingly crafted works of fantasy art that showcase the imaginative world.

The Genesis 300 series remains an important part of Battle Bunnies history. 

Join the Battle and build your faction with Series-1 collectibles and the upcoming Series-2 releases!

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