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The Battle Bunnies Lore

Welcome to the Lore of Käningard, a magical island where the epic tale of the Battle Bunnies unfolds. The land is inhabited by enchanting creatures and six distinct classes of bunnies, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. They coexist in a delicate balance, united by the mystical Seither force that fuels their powers.

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In the enchanted island of Käningard, the mystical Seither Force blesses the bunnies with wondrous powers. With each new moon, the Seither Waters cascade down the fabled Imaginük Falls, bringing with them the lifeblood of magic to the bunnies.



Under the wise reign of Viking King Hareld, the Seither Force is fairly distributed among the various bunny classes, keeping the delicate balance of power intact and warding off strife. The noble Water Guard, valiant Spartans sworn to protect the kingdom, bear the sacred duty of delivering the Seither Force to every corner of Kaningard.

Without the Seither Force, the bunnies would lose their magical essence, their hearts growing wild and untamed. It is the Seither that unites them, fostering unity and balance in their magical world.

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For many decades, the Vikings have controlled Imaginük Falls. At one point, all bunnies belonged to the Viking class. However, as some started to develop different interests, like dark magic, they split off forming their own factions and classes. The Vikings are still the ruling class of Kaningard. 

The Battle Bunnies | Viking


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The elite guard of King Hareld and the kingdom of Imaginük Falls, the Spartans are fiercely loyal to the king and the realm. They form the backbone of the Water Guard, who protect the Seither Force and deliver it to other classes every new moon. With their battle cry of "Aroo!", they stand as an unbreakable force against any threat.

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Valkyrie icon.png

Guardians of the dragon eggs, the all-female Valkyries reside in Snowflake Valley Mountain. They form deep bonds with the baby dragons, ensuring their safety and controlling their Seither intake to keep them small. They exemplify the purest intentions for the land and its inhabitants.


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Practitioners of dark magic, the Shamans inhabit the Mystic Myr. They have succumbed to the path of greed and debauchery, wreaking havoc across Kaningard. Their battle cry, "Nature's Wrath," serves as a stark reminder of the chaos they can unleash.



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Balancing between light and darkness, the Sorcerers dwell in Arkanstaad, home to the giant bunny hearth tree and the keeper of the grimoire. Led by Luna Diablo, they skillfully manipulate both sides to their own advantage. Their battle cry, "Hexxed!" echoes their cunning nature.

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Greed-driven and power-hungry, the Pirates sail the seas and inhabit the crags of Kroy in their port town, Aeigir's Blight. Gathering at the Lucky Rabbit's Foot Tavern, they plot and scheme under the leadership of Captain Jackberd. Their ship, the Queen Hare's Revenge, strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear their battle cry, "Arrgg!"

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Battle Bunnies Light Dragon Eggs

Many moons ago, Dragons roamed Kaningard of all shapes and sizes. Now, thanks to the Valkyries, they are friendly companions to the bunnies. As dragon eggs are laid throughout the land, the Valkyries collect them before they hatch and bring them back to the Snowflake Valley Mountains. There theymanage the amount of Seither the baby dragons receive to make sure they do not get too big. When they hatch the dragons often become bonded with the bunny they see first. 

Light Dragons

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