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Series 1

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The Series-1 Collection begins with the remaining 5 Classes of Battle Bunnies joining their Spartan brothers on the battlefield. Vikings, Valkyries, Pirates, Sorcerers & Shamans appeared on July 14, 2022 to help protect the Kingdom. 


Series-1 has over 475 hand-drawn traits & includes Mythic bunnies, unique 1 of 1 NFTs that includes free card packs in the Trading Card Game. Each Battle Bunny Holder will be able to name their Bunny & create their backstory to be added into the Grimoire & help write our history & future with the potential in being a Character in the next Novel. 


Series-1 continued this Halloween with an Exclusive Mint for Holders, the GHOST BUNNIES. These Ghostly Allies rose up to help their fellow fluffle after the Invasion of the Samurai Squirrels.

The Battle Bunnies | Series-1 Background
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