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The Battle Bunnies and the Unlikely Spartan

Introducing the first 300 copies of "The Battle Bunnies and the Unlikely Spartan," ever to be printed! - Ahead of our mass-market book launch, where the entire world will be able to purchase our novel, we reserved the first ones - 100 hardcovers + 200 softcover copies exclusively for our Fluffle Family!

These limited edition books are sure to become a prized possession for fans of the Battle Bunnies franchise. Each book is signed by Frank, Christa, and a few special guests. The hardcovers are numbered 1 through 100 and also come with a rare dust jacket that is only available with this special edition. The softcovers are also signed and numbered 1 through 200. This is your chance to own a piece of  Battle Bunnies history!

The Battle Bunnies and the Unlikely Spartan

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