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VR World

Venture into the immersive world of The Battle Bunnies through Virtual Reality, where you can explore the captivating realm of Kaningard and its many wonders. Our first foray into VR took fans on a journey to the massive Bunny Hearth Tree, the fearsome pirate ship "Queen Hare's Revenge," and the breathtaking Snowflake Valley Mountains. This unique experience even offered a chance to meet a virtual Spartan and interact with iconic weapons from the Battle Bunnies universe.

Although our initial VR world in AltspaceVR is no longer accessible, we have created a new, mesmerizing experience in, compatible with your Oculus device. This gallery-style world showcases a vast collection of art, videos, and Battle Bunnies lore, inviting you to delve deeper into the enchanting tales that define our universe.

But the adventure doesn't end there! We're actively working on expanding our VR offerings, utilizing the assets from our original world to bring even more exhilarating experiences to our fans. In the near future, expect to revisit the Hearth Tree, participate in virtual meetups, and engage in thrilling contests as we continue to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

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