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Welcome to Käningard, the enchanting realm where a small but mighty clan of Battle Bunnies is co-creating the next epic fantasy world.

Join us on this thrilling adventure as we bring together captivating storytelling, interactive Digital Collectables, and immersive games, forging a magical universe that unites and inspires our ever-growing community, The Fluffle Family!





  • What is The Battle Bunnies?
    The Battle Bunnies is a community-focused franchise that reimagines fantasy storytelling in the digital age. It encompasses a fascinating novel series, distinct physical and digital collectibles, and interactive gaming experiences, all set in the mystical realm of Kaningard. By inviting fans to participate in shaping the narrative and characters, Battle Bunnies offers a truly immersive and collaborative experience for fans of fantasy worlds, collectibles, and TCG enthusiasts.
  • How do I join The Battle Bunnies?
    Everyone is welcome to join The Battle Bunnies Community! You can join our community by signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media, and participating in our Discord server. Come in and say hi! (Make sure you choose your class!)
  • Where can I read the Battle Bunnies Novel?
    To date, one of our proudest achievements' has been publishing book 1 of our3-part Battle Bunnies novel series. It's available worldwide in physical, digital, and audio formats. Amazon Audiobook (Spotify) Our goal is now to spread the word about this book so if you decide to purchase the book, for yourself or as a gift, please rate and review! Ahead of our mass-market release we reserved the first 100 hardcover copies and first 200 paperback copies ever printed for our community members. Each one is signed, numbered, and has a special limited edition cover. Special Edition Collector Copies (signed)
  • What is the Battle Bunnies TCG?
    Seither Chronicles ™ trading card game brings the fantasy universe of The Battle Bunnies to tabletops. This strategic card game is co-created with our community members (The Fluffle Fam).It's engaging, strategic card game that follows the novel series The Battle Bunnies & the Unlikely Spartan. Designed to be both accessible for new players and offering depth for experienced TCG fans, Seither Chronicles™ features distinct gameplay formats. It blends physical cards with playable digital NFT characters. While our team controls the official narrative and designs, we welcome fan submissions of characters and ideas that may potentially get incorporated by our developers, if selected, as a fun collaborative process! We have a limited community release scheduled for October 2023 and are currently playtesting. Join us on this journey by shaping the game experience and connecting with fellow enthusiasts!
  • Can I really be a character in the Novel series?
    Yes! Most of the characters in the book are actual community members in our Discord Server. Not only that, many of the lands, creatures, and lore have been co-created ideas. You can submit your own characters that may potentially appear in future books if chosen by our creative team. Nothing is guaranteed, but there's plenty of story to tell in the Battle Bunnies™ universe! To find out more head over to our community Discord Server or email us directly at
  • Is the Battle Bunnies an NFT Project?
    There are multiple ways to experience the story of The Battle Bunnies, such as a novel, a community-led TCG, physical collectibles, and indeed, digital games and digital collectibles (NFTs) You do not need to participate in NFTs in order to be a member of the Fluffle Fam! Our community extends beyond the digital art realm into a shared love for creativity and collaborative world-building. The Battle Bunnies is a creative endeavor. The digital collectibles are meant to represent a piece of this creativity and are not intended as financial instruments.
  • What is a Battle Bunnies NFT?
    NFT stands for "non-fungible token." It is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a specific item, such as digital artwork, collectibles, or in-game items. NFTs are stored on blockchain networks, ensuring the authenticity and scarcity of the digital assets. In the Battle Bunnies universe, our NFTs act as a certificate of ownership over a unique digital artwork. NFT holders can access exclusive roles when joining our Discord community but anyone can join to connect with other fans. In addition, NFT holders may receive other community perks, but those are intended for engagement purposes only, not financial value. The aim is creative engagement and community building, not financial speculation or benefits.
  • What is the Genesis Spartan Collection?
    The Genesis Spartan digital collectibles represent ownership of one of only 300 rare physical Spartan trading cards. These individually numbered collectible cards feature unique artwork and are the core asset for participants in the early Battle Bunnies community. Each physical card came with a digital version on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital NFT acts as a certificate of ownership to original purchasers and enables viewing a high resolution digital display of the card's artwork. Owning a Genesis Spartan NFT optionally provides participation in the Battle Bunnies Discord community. Perks like exclusive channels, naming your Spartan, and giveaways are available but not guaranteed. The NFTs do not provide access to any exclusive content or financial benefits. We intend the digital collectibles as complements to the physical cards. Please only purchase a Genesis Spartan NFT if you value owning the limited edition artwork itself, not for potential investment purposes. Our priority is delivering a rewarding experience for trading card collectors and Battle Bunnies fans.
  • What is the Invasion Collection?
    The Invasion Collection contains digital artworks created retrospectively to commemorate a transition in our smart contract infrastructure and tell the story of the Battle Bunnies™ in a unique and engaging way . They feature digital versions of Samurai Squirrel™ images reflecting a creative plot development, replacing the original art. These unique digital collectibles memorialize an important evolution in our technical capabilities and storytelling. They serve as artistic artifacts from that milestone, not as speculation assets for hypothetical future access or activities.
  • What is the Series 1 Collection?
    The Series-1 collection is the follow-up to the Genesis Spartan collection and a part of the Battle Bunnies ™ digital collectibles. Launched in July 2022, this innovative collection of 3,750 collectibles integrated multiple drops into one, featuring a diverse cast of characters inspired by our co-created fantasy world. The collection includes bunnies, Ghost Bunnies, Yüligans ™ , dragon eggs, and dragons, and follows the story of our novel, "The Battle Bunnies and the Unlikely Spartan." Unique to the Series-1 and Series-2 collections is the use of dynamic metadata, which allows for added features. Holders have the option to name their NFT's character for creative engagement and community fun. By owning a Series-1 digital collectible gives collectors the ability to admire and display the artwork, as well as optionally join community discussions and events in Discord. But it confers no IP rights or financial interests.
  • Is owning a Battle Bunnies NFT an Investment?
    While each artwork features varying traits, no artwork confers any financial interest or official affiliation with The Battle Bunnies franchise. NFTs should be purchased for personal enjoyment, not potential investment value. Please only buy a Battle Bunnies NFT if you genuinely appreciate the artwork, the community, and wish to support the project.
  • How can I purchase a Battle Bunnies Digital Collectible?
    Past Battle Bunnies digital collections can be viewed on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, where current owners may offer their digital collectibles for sale as unique digital artworks. We encourage collectors to learn about each artwork's characteristics and appreciate them based on intrinsic creative factors rather than potential value. For upcoming released like the Series-2 Dark Dragons, you can subscribe to our mailing list on our site to receive updates on dates, prices, and creative details as they become available. If opting to purchase, we encourage setting responsible limits, avoiding overextension, and understanding thoroughly what they are buying. We advise against purchasing any of our NFTs for speculative investment purposes.
  • What is MetaMask?
    MetaMask is one digital wallet option that can be used to purchase, store, and transfer NFTs like the Battle Bunnies. It allows transactions using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Your public wallet address records ownership of an NFT on the blockchain, while the artwork files are stored separately. Wallets hold the keys to control the NFT ownership record. There are other wallet options besides MetaMask, but a crypto wallet is required for purchasing NFTs and transferring ownership. Users are fully responsible for securing their own wallets properly at all times.
  • Are there risks in owning NFTs and how can I keep them secure?
    Owning NFTs can be an exciting experience, but it's essential to be aware of the risks involved and take steps to keep your digital assets secure. The value of NFTs can fluctuate, and you should never speculate on their future value. You might lose access to your NFT if you don't follow proper security measures. It's important to educate yourself about the NFT project, its rules, potential risks, and best practices for safeguarding your assets. This includes using secure wallets, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious with sharing your private keys. Always remember to be responsible and enjoy the experience while keeping your NFTs safe!

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