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Spartan Collector Card Marketplace

Spartan Collector Card Marketplace

One of the first utility benefits of holding a Genesis 300 NFT is the ability to claim an exclusive signed & encapsulated Collector Card. One collector card was made for each of the 300 Spartans that were minted and were eligible to be claimed by the holders of the specific NFT. Holders can now buy and sell these rare collector cards here in the Collector Card Marketplace.

Interested in selling your Collector Card?

Open up a support ticket in The Battle Bunnies Discord Server and we will facilitate the listing here in the marketplace. When the item sells and is delivered to the buyer, we will transfer the funds to you in either ETH or USD value.
The Battle Bunnies processing fee for listing and handling the transaction is 7.5% of each sale

Interested in buying an unclaimed or listed Collector Card?

Simply use the sorting filters below to find your perfect Collector Card, click the image and complete the checkout process. Confirmation emails and communication will follow to ensure that your Collector Card arrives safely and quickly!

Shipping rates vary depending on ship-from and ship-to locations

The Battle Bunnies | Genesis 300 NFT Collector Card Guide
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