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The 13 Days of Mischief - A Yüligan Story

- Only 50 Signed Collector editions available with signed bookmark by the authors.

- Full color & Hardcover, each page of the Book features beautiful original, hand-drawn & digitally painted illustrations by Frank & Christa LaNatra.

- Yüligan coloring & Activity pack included with all versions!


"Each winter, as the chilly air swirls around the island of Käningard, a time-honored tradition kicks off the Holiday Season. The bunnies gather their young ones, eyes wide with wonder, to share the whimsical tales of the Yüligans. These fables, passed down for generations, are far more than just stories. They're a cherished custom, a way for the bunnies to teach their kits the value of honesty, kindness and good measure."


A Holiday Tale that's been told to young bunnies, or "kits", for as long as anyone can remember...

The 13 Days of Mischief - A Yüligan Story

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